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Infrared Radiation Heating in the Applications of Car Paint Curing

Nowadays many industry process are repeated to heating environment, such as car painting drying, components parts paint drying. The actual tests show that compared with hot air heating,
infrared radiation heating is relatively more energy-saving and more efficient heating.

infrared heating lamp in car paint curing

Compared to the conventional heating methods (hot air convection, heat transfer), infrared heating has huge advantages in the field of automotive coating applications:

1. Infrared radiation heating without touching, does not need air, water and other media, high directivity, more direct and effective.

2. When using infrared radiation heating, select the appropriate infrared wavelengths, in line with the absorption spectrum of body heat, the heating result is better. Such as: short-wave infrared radiation, more effectively penetrate the paint surface, while heating from the inside to the outside.

3. Infrared radiation heating is safe and environmentally friendly, the heating can be quickly on and off to help reduce radiation loss. 

4. Infrared radiation heating systems can be easily integrated into the production line, by mechanical means, infrared reflective shade control system, the external infrared radiation heating and production work can be synchronous controlled.

     In the processing of automobile production, the use of infrared radiant heating is both time-saving and cost-effective way of drying.  In some critical step can also help enhance component quality. Infrared radiation heating will be used in many more parts of the automotive production chain, and even can be applied to the whole vehicle productions in the future, the market potential is unlimited.

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