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clear quartz glass plate
Product Name:
clear quartz glass plate

Clear Quartz Glass Sheet

1.high purity 

3.ISO 9001:2000 ISO 2004 


quartz board/ quartz sheet/quartz glass plate:


The Max Size we can supply is 1000*2000mm quartz plate.


Further processing:

Flame polishing, optical polishing, grind, general polishing. two sides polishing, one side polishing and the other side grind. We can process the quartz plate as your requirement


1. Material properties

High purity

High durability

Both sides polished

Flame polished the edges

Working temperature: 1100°C=2012°F



2.Some date of the quartz plate we supply:


Total Impurities, including Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Ti, Cu, Ni,Co, Mn, k, Na, Li, B<35ppm

Thermal Data

Annealing Point    Strain Point      Softening Point  Melting Point      Expansion Index

     1120°C             1210°C                  1570°C          1730°C                5.5×10-7/°C

Operation Temperature

Short-term    Long-term

  1300°C          1100°C

Mechanical Data

Rigidity Modulus  Density  Mohs Hardness  Young`s Modulus  Compression Strength  Poisson Ratio  Elongation Strength

3.1×104Mpa   2.2/cm3     6        7.2×104Mpa    >1.1×103Mpa     0.17         48Mpa